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How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger Than It Is

Who doesn’t want more space in their homes? Most people will say that yes, they wish their home or room was bigger than it actually is, but they don’t want to have to refurbish it in order to create the space they always envisioned in their minds.

And, when it comes to your bedroom, it’s very likely that you’d like it to be as big as possible. After all, a bedroom is so much more than just the place where you sleep! You don’t have to heavily modify it to create the bedroom of your dreams, true; but, how exactly can you achieve a larger space without having to tear down walls?

Add Mirrors

The ‘trick’ of adding more space without actually having to add more space has been done by interior designers for many years. One way to achieve this is by adding mirrors to your bedroom. This simple and effective technique can help you create a bigger space by reflecting both natural light and the room itself.

Due to the sheer variety and style of mirrors at your disposal, you can easily find the one that will perfectly match your existing décor or the interior design you seek to achieve. A mirror that also reflects the outdoors will make your bedroom look even bigger too, as it can provide a sense of never-ending space.

De-Clutter Your Room

Do you have too much stuff in your bedroom? Knickknacks can clutter your room and make it look smaller than it is, as can unnecessary furniture and objects. Clear up your space and get rid of anything you don’t need in your room – you’ll see that you have more space than you thought!

The Perfect Colour Matters

Choosing the right colour for your bedroom is all about personal preference; but did you also know that the shades you pick out can also help to transform your space and make it appear bigger or smaller? Softer and lighter colours, like white or pastels, are great for smaller bedrooms, as they contribute to a larger sense of space. Dark tones will make your bedroom look overcrowded and smaller.

Install Large Windows

It doesn’t come as a surprise that large windows make a room look bigger. After all, small windows don’t let in as much sunlight while larger windows do, helping to make your bedroom appear bigger because of the natural light. Curtains made from dark colour or heavy fabrics should also be avoided, as they will have the opposite effect of what you want to achieve and will make a room feel smaller.

Choose the Right Furniture

If you want to make your bedroom appear bigger than it is, picking out the right furniture will go a long way to help. Dark, heavy pieces are more likely to make your bedroom feel smaller than it is, especially if they take up too much space in your room as well. Lighter furniture can help your room to appear more organised and, of course, a bit airier.

In-built furniture, such as wardrobes, are great for this, as they create space and open up your bedroom a little more. Whether or not you already know what you want or are still unsure about the furniture you should choose, we’re here to help with our fantastic fitted bedroom furniture.

You don’t have to set off on a refurbishing endeavour just to make your bedroom larger than it is. Using simple tricks such as mirrors or choosing in-built wardrobes, for example, will give you the desired effect too! We’re here to help you with your interior design queries, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about how we can help and keep an eye on our news page to get more interior design tips.

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