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Fitted Home Office Furniture in Cumbria, Lancashire & Yorkshire

What does your home office mean to you? A haven of peace, an escape from noisy family life, where you can read without interruption? The place where you’re studying for that Open University degree or where you’re planning the strategy to expand your business? Or is it simply the room where you keep all of those important bits and pieces that don’t comfortably belong anywhere else?

Working from a Home Office

Working from home is an option open to more and more people as superfast broadband expands into our rural areas. A well-designed home office is essential to make the most of the opportunities this offers – a place where you can go to work, where your computer, books and papers have an orderly place and where you can concentrate. A discrete home office means it’s easier to separate work and family life – you can go to the office and concentrate on work, then shut the door behind you to re-engage with family life.

Based on your needs and requirements, we will address all the components of a successful office; from storage space and desk placement to adequate lighting solutions, we’re here to create the most comfortable home office space for you, one which meets all your needs and more. We can fit your office so that the space is utilised efficiently.

Work in a Functional, Comfortable Home Office

Many people are worried that having an office in the home will make it hard for them to distinguish between their work life and their home life. However, we’re always consciously ensuring that there’s an even balance of comfort and professionalism with every home office that we create. Opting for a more discreet office will help you with this; you can essentially dedicate that one room to working in and then close the door behind you when your working day is done.

We specialise in designing creative yet functional office spaces in the home, with a particular focus on the various storage options that are available. An office with no storage space often becomes cluttered, which can severely impact the comfort of the worker as well as their productivity levels.

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