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How to Design A Toddler Bedroom

When designing your toddler bedroom, it’s essential to create a space that will grow with them. It’s quite the balancing act, designing something beautiful that is also durable enough to stand up to the wants and needs of a curious child.

When designing bedrooms for children, the possibilities are endless, but it can be tricky to know where to start. So here are a few ideas and bits of advice to get you started.

Neutral is Best

An aquarium, pirate, or princess themed room might sound adorable, but the reality is that children soon outgrow heavily themed spaces. For example, your toddler is a big fan of mermaids now but give it a few years, and they’ll most likely have fallen in love with something else. So you might want to hang fire before you start covering the walls with mermaid murals, or you’ll find yourself having to paint over it all in a just few years.

By keeping the décor simple and the walls free from intense colours, you’ll be providing your little one with a neutral, blank canvas that can be adapted to their ever-changing tastes. In addition, neutral spaces can be easily updated as your child grows, giving the room more longevity before requiring a repaint. Whilst offering more flexibility, it is worth mentioning that lighter, neutral colours mark and stain more easily. You can combat this by using wipe-clean versions of matt emulsion paints.

Introduce Colour and Creativity with Wall Accessories

Just because a room is painted in white, cream or grey doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can use accessories to personalise your toddler bedroom and add pops of vibrant colour and texture.

If you’re struggling to know where to start when it comes to colour schemes, try selecting an art print to hang in your toddler’s bedroom and drawing inspiration from the colours featured in it.

Vinyl wall stickers, pom-poms, bunting, blankets and wall hangings are great ways to dress up an otherwise neutral space. However, as your toddler grows and their tastes change, these things can all be removed and replaced with something more fitting to their age.

For a truly personalised feature, paint a small area of the wall with blackboard paint and give your toddler the freedom to create their own wall art with chalk.

Make The Space Accessible to Your Toddler

The person who will be using the bedroom is a lot smaller than you. So try to bring the furnishings and the fun down to their level. It is their room, after all.

The best thing you can give your child when designing their bedroom is space to play, create and learn. Make sure you provide them with plenty of low down, open surfaces like the floor. Child-friendly, low level shelving and baskets for toy storage can help open up a room to your toddler. Making as much of the room safely accessible to your child as possible can encourage play and self-responsibility.

You can even make the fitted wardrobe accessible to your little one by installing a second rail lower inside the unit. Not only does it double the amount of storage space you’ll have available, but it makes the space accessible to the child, encouraging independence.

Furniture That Can Adapt & Grow

It’s no secret that children grow, and then they keep growing some more. Therefore, it can be challenging to want to invest in good quality furniture for your child’s bedroom when you know they will likely outgrow it in a short time.

There are solutions available, though. First, consider investing in a cot with removable sides that can be converted into a toddler bed. Then, once they’ve moved on to a full-sized bed, you can transform the cot into a day bed that can double up as a comfy space for your child to relax on.

More Than Just Somewhere to Sleep

A toddler bedroom is a versatile space that will be used for so much more than just sleeping. Kids play, learn and grow in their rooms, and the room must be geared up to handle all those things. You can use furniture to define areas within the room. For example, introduce a mini tipi for a cosy corner perfect for reading picture books in, or encourage learning and creativity by adding an adjustable height desk.

The Importance of Lighting

Getting kids to fall asleep and stay asleep is a mountain to climb in itself – but if you don’t light your toddler’s room correctly and consider light when decorating, then you won’t be doing yourself any favours.

Use blackout curtains to ensure the room is dark enough for them to drift off, especially on those summer nights where it is likely to remain light out outside long after you’re trying to get them to bed.

It’s natural for toddlers to be scared of the dark. A nightlight can provide comforting, softly coloured ambient lighting and even help those learning to potty train find a sense of direction when finding their potty during the night.

Kid’s lighting can also be a great way to inject a bit of fun into the décor. For example, add some magic with a string of fairy lights or transport them out of this world with a moon themed bedside lamp.

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions on how to design a toddler bedroom. If you’re looking to redesign any of the bedrooms in your home, Panararmer can help. We can provide luxury fitted bedroom furniture. For fitted bedroom furniture in Lancaster, get in touch with us today.

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