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Discover Utopia’s New Line of Colours

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At Panararmer, our commitment revolves around presenting a wide range of bathroom solutions tailored to meet your requirements, reflect your distinctive style, harmonise with your home environment, and address your practical needs. We take pride in our partnerships with top-tier brands, each dedicated to ensuring superior quality across their product offerings.

One of these partners is Utopia, a brand synonymous with excellence when it comes to bathroom furnishings. Utopia has gained recognition for its extensive product line, characterised by bathroom solutions that combine style, durability, and functionality. Their products are renowned for featuring a blend of modern design and practical functionality and often come with customisation options.
In this blog, we are thrilled to reveal the latest addition to Utopia's range: a brand-new line of colours that promises to captivate anyone with an appreciation for elegance, sophistication, and practical aspects of their bathroom space.

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Four Brand-New Utopia Finishes

At Panararmer, we’re excited to present two exquisite wood finishes and two alluring darker matt tones as new additions to their extensive collection. These finishes are available across Utopia's Original, You, Symmetry, and GEO bathroom collections, which you can find in our showroom.

The first in this spectrum is Bay Green, a shade designed to infuse sophistication and refined style into your bathroom space. This hue exudes an air of elegance, creating a sanctuary where luxury and aesthetics converge seamlessly. The Richmond Walnut finish is a harmonious blend of modern design and rustic charm as a testament to Utopia's commitment to versatility. This unique combination caters to those who appreciate a contemporary aesthetic with a touch of warmth, creating a bathroom ambience that feels both current and timeless.

For those who prefer traditional elegance, Dorchester Oak is the go-to colour: it's a finish that encapsulates tradition with a nuanced touch of luxury in handles and finishings. On the other end of the spectrum, Carbon Black is an ultra-modern, sleek finish that embraces a cutting-edge design ethos. Ideal for those who favour the avant-garde, Carbon Black brings a touch of elegance to bathroom spaces, representing the epitome of contemporary aesthetics. With these brand-new finishes, Utopia transforms your bathroom into a canvas for personal expression, offering a multitude of choices to suit various tastes and style preferences.

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Introducing Matt White Into the Symmetry Collection

In a continuous quest to offer innovative and stylish bathroom designs, Utopia introduces another outstanding addition to its extensive catalogue: the distinctive Matt White foil finish. This particular finish, presented in early 2023, has now found its place within the Symmetry collection, spanning the Fitted, Modular, and Freestanding categories. The incorporation of the Matt White finish in the Symmetry Collection enhances the array of stylish options, offering a beautiful yet understated aesthetic that complements the existing range of solutions within this line.
The allure of the Matt White foil finish lies in its ability to strike a harmonious balance between elegance and simplicity. As a versatile and timeless choice, it perfectly matches the mood of the Symmetry Collection, providing an additional layer of style. Whether opting for a Fitted, Modular, or Freestanding solution within the Symmetry range, customers now have the opportunity to embrace the pristine beauty of the Matt White finish, creating a cohesive and visually appealing bathroom space.

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New Nine Finishes for Wondrous Worktops

The comprehensive and coordinated bathroom solutions offered by Utopia extend to its laminate range of worktops, which has recently seen an expansion with the introduction of nine captivating finishes. Designed to complement Utopia's new and existing door finishes, these worktops bring a new dimension of style and functionality to bathroom spaces.

The first quartet of finishes includes Interstellar, Light Callisto, Moon Rock, and Rift Grey. These worktops stand out for their clarity and ability to infuse light and brightness into the room, imparting an elegant ambience. They not only contribute to a visually expansive feel but also create an inviting atmosphere, making them perfect choices for those seeking a refreshing and well-lit bathroom environment.

The second group of finishes, Marquina, Igneous Spark, and Dark Monolith, exude sophistication with a touch of drama. These darker tones add a layer of opulence to the bathroom, creating a statement of luxury and modernity. Whether it's the sleek Marquina or the bold Dark Monolith, these finishes appeal to those with a taste for a more dramatic and contemporary aesthetic.

Finally, for enthusiasts of a classic and warm atmosphere, Dorchester Oak and Sorrento Walnut are two wood-look finishes that bring a touch of tradition and cosiness to your bathroom. These finishes flawlessly blend modern design with timeless warmth, providing a perfect balance for those who appreciate the charm of wood in a bathroom setting.

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Find Your Ideal Utopia Bathroom Solution in Our Panararmer Showroom

Embrace the excitement surrounding the latest Utopia finishes by paying a visit to our Panararmer showroom. Immerse yourself in the luxury of this remarkable brand with a first-hand experience. We invite you to explore our bathroom showroom today and let your vision meet our expertise; our knowledgeable experts stand ready to ignite inspiration for your upcoming home improvement project.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

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