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4 Ultimate Kitchen Accessories

When designing your new kitchen, you’ll want to be sure that it has all of the greatest accessories to enable you to truly fall in love with your kitchen experience. As renowned kitchen fitters in Cumbria, we can source the ultimate kitchen accessories for you.

  • Box Center Sink – Franke UK Ltd

Sometimes, an efficient kitchen makes a beautiful kitchen, and the box center sink designed by Franke is the epitome of space-saving kitchen appliances. This sink is cool and hygienic, with chopping block and knives in easy reach.

If you are in need of some extra sink space, the storage compartment can also be lifted out of the side compartment. This means that if you’re trying to cook while your partner is washing the dishes, you’ll still be able to drain the potatoes into the secondary sink without either of you being interrupted.

The accessories that come with this beautiful sink are perfectly sized to sit flush with your sink. As you can see in the official tweet by Franke below, the chopping blocks align perfectly with your sink space so that nothing is wasted.

If you’re designing a kitchen for a tiny home, this sink is a must-have. Not exclusive to the space-saving phenomenon, however, this compartmentalised sink will look incredibly fashionable in any kitchen.

  • The Perfect Fridge – Liebherr Home UK

It can be easy to underestimate the impact that a fantastic fridge can have on your home, but Liebherr understands that a well-placed fridge can be extremely effective. You need a fridge that isn’t going to restrict you – in both its capacity to store food and how it affects your movement in your kitchen.

If you are trying to work with a small kitchen, then a supersized fridge-freezer might be a tight squeeze that makes your space feel cluttered and claustrophobic. On the other hand, if you have the space for an American style fridge-freezer with an ice machine, Liebherr can supply you with the perfect fridge and we can help you to decide where to put it.

We will be considering with you about whether you want to prioritise freezer space over fridge space, as well as a place for the freezer of your dreams that won’t cause obstructions in your home. Liebherr also sells brilliantly coloured fridge-freezers, so there’s the potential to discuss whether you would like your fridge-freezer to become the focus of your kitchen design, or complement your colour scheme by matching your accents.

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  • Surprising Solutions – Neff

If you want a kitchen that will never get boring, then you should be looking towards Neff for some truly innovative and stylish design ideas that are incredibly functional. Neff prioritise sleek looks that offer precision and control, but they’re also incredibly imaginative – as you can tell by their double-doored under-counter fridges.

If you’re looking for a little bit of extra imagination in your kitchen that will really impress your guests, then we recommend that you take a look at our Neff products.

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  • Quooker Tap

Efficiency Is attractive, and you will find your kitchen activities become far more efficient when you have a Quooker tap installed. With this tap, you will have immediate boiling water ready at all times – making a brew just got a lot faster.

The Quooker tap also has some child safety features installed to help prevent the possibility of a dangerous accident, so we recommend that you contact us if you have any fears to be addressed before you implement this tap into your kitchen design plan.

It comes in various shapes and colours so whatever your colour scheme ideas are, we’re sure that we can find a Quooker tap for you.

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if you’re considering a kitchen refit, we recommend that you speak to us as soon as possible. Let us explain how hiring specialists to manage your refurbishment can greatly improve your home designing experience.

We have a long list of tried and tested tradespeople that we can call on to fit your kitchen, as well as a fantastic range of high-quality branded products ready for installation. Making your kitchen beautiful again is easy when you use our experts, so don’t compromise for less than Panararmer.

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