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7 Two-Tone Kitchens and Other Tips

Two-tone kitchens are a stylish design that is on trend, so in this blog, we’re going to be guiding you through why a two-tone kitchen looks so stunning and how you can design your own with the help of kitchen fitters in Cumbria.

Why We Love Two-Tone Kitchens

Mixing strong colours has never been so crucial in the home design industry as it is today, it opens up so much potential for your kitchen and all the equipment and fittings you’re going to fill it with. Although a kitchen designed in a classic and solid, minimalist white can look elegant, your design choices for your appliances are going to be limited. With a two-tone kitchen, however, you will have twice as many colour options.

An excellent reason for choosing a two-tone kitchen is the diverse and  impressive endless possibilities and striking designs. The most important aspect of designing a two-tone room is to have adequately tested the colour combinations before settling on your go-to design.

You should test your paint combinations in your home, but we can help you to find some inspiration as a jumping off point:

White with Jewel Tones

Mixing a stark white with any jewel tone is sure to look stunning. Too many vibrant colours can quickly become a little too intense, but white has the power to brings all the qualities of deep jewel tones without trying to compete against it. We especially like how the design of this kitchen involves co-ordinating the tiles to draw all the colours together.

Vertical Separation

A two-tone kitchen can be achieved by differing the colours between the lower and upper cabinets or walls, but this design has a full side of the kitchen dressed in black. This has the effect of giving areas their distinct feel. The deep black colours also have a very modern and clean feel to them, which is softened somewhat by the pale wooden counter. It’s always good to bring in a few natural elements when a design starts to feel too heavy.

Tile Choice is so Important

Wall tiles are a great way to add texture to your two-tone kitchen, and they’re also very functional since they’re easier to clean than paint. This kitchen’s splash back zone once again uses blue jewel tones to break up the white space. The glossy textures also help to bounce light around the room, which can be very important for a kitchen which is either too small or suffers from low natural lighting.

Two-tone Colours AND Textures

The previous example contained itself with a lot of glossy surfaces, but this example pairs glossy tiles with rustic wood for a truly unique effect. Combining those shades of blue with white and pale woods has proven extremely effective here, with one of the most significant aspects of this room being the amazing floor design.

Much like our second example, this kitchen thinks about how spaces work and how to separate areas while drawing colours together.

Rustic Two-Tone

You can keep your kitchen rustic even while you pursue a two-tone kitchen. In this image, it’s clear that a lot of natural looking wood features are essential for this design. There’s a strong natural theme going on with this kitchen.

More Two-Tone Wood

Another application of two-tone wood is here to show that you can maintain sophistication and traditional elements in a two-tone kitchen. In this example, it’s all about soft earthy colours and rich, complex textures.

Black or White?

Many of our examples have used white to offset deep rich colours, but for similar reasons, black works well against pale colours such as salmon pink. This stylish kitchen has been very thoughtfully planned.

Creating your perfect kitchen could take some time, but it’s well worth taking the time to discover a combination that will bring a smile to your face for years to come. Important features to consider are colour combinations, tiles, paint gloss, and the textures of any additional furnishings such as tables and shelves. If you have any questions or ideas for your perfect kitchen, why not contact us for some extra help?

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