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Transform Your Kitchen with iPractis Storage

You can elegantly transform your kitchen with iPractis storage, by Mobalpa kitchens. iPractis smart units present a real layout solution that blends maximum storage volume with superb accessibility. These kitchen storage layout solutions offer all this, alongside a design that sets a new trend in kitchen style.

What iPractis Storage Offers

When you want to obtain maximum storage space in a way that is easily accessible and practical yet discreet, choose tall iPractis storage units. These luxurious cupboards include full extension drawers, configured in either a single, combo or sliding configuration.

iPractis sliding drawers are available in two stylish designs: Prestige or Optima. Optima drawers are extremely useful with their deep 50cm depth plus a horizontal divider to help you organise your pans, pots and lids.

Prestige drawers are just as deep but incorporate transparent glass Securit sides that can be lined with an optional LED lighting strip, for a modern touch. Magnetic compartments help with storing your cupboard goods and bottles.

Benefits of iPractis Storage Units

With iPractis units, you can place all your ingredients, sauces, herbs and kitchen accessories within easy reach. The sliding door base units are spaced for your personal needs, with tailored solutions for holding bread, bottles, tea towels and sponges.

You can opt for base units with a 30cm width or a 40cm width, which gives you the choice between slimline units or units designed for maximum storage potential.

Angle units have been a design challenge in the past but iPractis units turn these troubles on their head, with 100% practicality. Every space is optimised for storage and you have a flexible choice of angled base units with inset doors or a full extension carousel.

Waste and recycling of your kitchen consumables are also made easy with a wide variety of recycling units. These waste bins can be of a single traditional style or bring a multi-compartment solution for materials that need to be kept separate from each other for recycling.

If open-plan living forms part of your interior design ethos, then the layout offers plenty of bespoke options to ensure that your kitchen becomes the central component of your home. Rounded curves embrace natural shapes and sizes to help create a naturally flowing space that you will love for years to come.

iPractis smart units offer design, accessibility and maximum storage. If you’re looking at renovating your kitchen Panararmer can help inspire you. Simply get in touch with us today by calling 015395 63523.

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