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Top 6 Bathroom Accessories to Improve Your Bathroom

Whether you’re looking to renovate your bathroom entirely, or perhaps you just want to add a bit of elegance with some simple swaps and additions, it is never too late to restyle your bathroom.

At Panararmer, we believe your bathroom should be a sanctuary of relaxation as you wash away the stresses and troubles of the day. Whether you have a compact room or an ample open space, your bathroom has the potential to be a sleek and stylish room designed around your needs and dreams. Check out these top 6 accessories you could consider adding to your bathroom for that WOW factor.

1. LED Lighting

This trend has been around for many years and doesn’t appear to be fading any time soon. Many homeowners are incorporating modern LED lighting as part of their home improvements in Cumbria, but they are becoming increasingly popular within bathrooms.

Mirror and sink with LED lighting

Not only do they offer a modernised style to your room, but they can also provide a practical addition with the ability to offer faux natural light as you prepare in the mirror. LED lighting could be added in strips behind your mirror to assist with detailed lighting or as spotlights on the kickboards of your units, offering to showcase the beautiful new tiles or wood flooring you may have recently installed. Other homeowners have also decided to lower their ceilings to have spotlights fitted as the main light source as they enter the bathroom. However you choose to incorporate these modern fittings, they will surely add a touch of class to your room.

2. Storage Unique and Utilised

If your bathroom is more modest than a grand open space, consider constructing some unique and innovative storage solutions. This will offer a more minimalist aesthetic and can create the illusion of space. Whether you choose a fully fitted bathroom designed for your needs or buy extra free-standing storage facilities, utilise the space available. Adding extra storage capacity gives you more room to hide items that may not match your tone or assist in that straight-line design. By utilising wasted space, your bathroom can give you more storage options for all your needs, hiding the bathroom clutter away and offering a calm tone to the bathroom.

Bath with hidden storage

The utmost wasted space in most bathrooms is the underside of the bath. As bathroom fitters in Kendal, we understand the importance of exploiting wasted space while still providing elegance and luxury. By installing a bespoke bathroom, you can ensure that every usable space offers you a practical solution.

3. Cast Away the Chrome

Whilst chrome seems to be populating the rest of the house as the most sought-after fittings, it appears to be disappearing for the bathroom. Many more homeowners are opting for alternative colours and finishes in their bathrooms to add a modern and contemporary tone to the room.

The most common swaps bathroom fitters in Lancaster have seen, are the faucets. More and more, gold and black matt brushed fittings are being installed, replacing the previously popular chrome fixtures and fittings.

White square sink with black matt finished taps

They offer a stunning addition to any bathroom and as a homeowner, matching the cabinet handles to your new tap could add a sleek and modern feature to your home, contrasting the porcelain white sink.

4. Sinks With a Difference

The standard sink has seen many movements over the years. There are so many options that it may be a difficult decision if you want to add a sense of style to your bathroom with a unique sink. It could be one of the most challenging decisions to make with your bathroom renovation: round, square, translucent, his-and-hers, big or small, with all these shapes and styles.

The big questions we suggest you cover before choosing;

How big does the bowl need to be? – Do you often fill the bowl to wash, or is it mainly for hand washing? A deeper bowl is excellent for filling but a waste if it is used purely for handwashing.

How high is the sink going to sit? – Placing a tall sink bowl on top of a cabinet may look beautiful and suitable for people with significant tallness, but for shorter individuals such as children, it may not be too practical.

What is your water pressure like? – Now, this question may seem odd, but the shape of your bowl could lead to splashing and spillages. Nothing quite ruins a bathroom more than watermarks and puddles.

5. Add Some Plant Life

Plants offer many benefits in a bathroom. Perhaps the most effortless accessory to improve a bathroom's tone and feel is adding plant life to your room. Often the room with the least natural light and a lot of humidity, you must be careful with the plants you choose to include.

Bathroom with plants

Reducing the humidity in your bathroom can help prevent mould and bacteria, which are common problems in most bathrooms. One of the best plants for bathrooms is a Peace Lily. This lush green-leaved, white-flowered plant absorbs moisture, making it ideal for bathrooms. However, you could also add a range of other plants suited for bathroom environments; Boston Ferns, Aloe Vera, Spider Plants, and many more. Speak to your local nursery, who will help you find the perfect plant.

6. Matching For a Sleek Aesthetic

Matching accessories or features is a must for any bathroom looking to include some opulence into the room's tone. Choosing a colour scheme and sticking with it can assist with incorporating the whole room feel and setting the aesthetic.

Even if you only wish to add matching accessories, it has been a common trend for many years to ensure they all agree with each other. However, if a modern contemporary tone is your aim, mixing metallics could be another way to match whilst offering a stylish contrast.

If you are struggling for inspiration for your bathroom renovations, feel free to visit our bathroom showroom near Lancaster. We have ample examples of past textures, styles and bathrooms we have created for homeowners and can help you make the bathroom of your dreams. Call us today to book a consultation.

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