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Spring Clean Your Bedroom

The winter blues are almost over, making way for a more colourful spring. Get inspired by nature around you and choose your favourite seasonal staples to transform your bedroom into a spring haven. From colourful duvets to finally cleaning up under your bed, make sure to revive your bedroom with some spring cleaning.

Put Away Winter Clothing

With warmer days coming around, you will (hopefully!) not need your warmer sweaters anymore. Make sure to get your storage boxes and exchange your winter clothes for lighter, spring ones. While keeping a few winter jumpers at hand can be helpful, having your spring clothing on display will help you feel more organised.

Your bedding might be feeling too warm for these less cold days, and vacuum bags will make sure you can easily store your heavier duvet without compromising space.

Change Up Your Room

You might be tired of looking at the same decorations and furniture in your bedroom, and with spring comes the desire for a bit of change. Switch up your rug for a more colourful one, bring out spring-scented candles, and replace anything associated with winter for flower-y motifs.

From fitted furniture that makes your bedroom feel more like a home to rearranging your bedroom’s layout, a change in routine can be enough to give you the motivation to keep on checking items off your list.

Clean Your Bedroom

Spring cleaning is, after all, all about cleaning! Make sure to go through what you don’t need and don’t use and either place it in storage or give it to a charity. In addition, don’t forget to dust and vacuum your room. A clean and organised room can make quite a difference for your mood.

Why not organise your books by the colours of the rainbow? It’s not only visually stunning, but it will also give it a new look. Additionally, don’t forget to give your mirror and your windows a good cleaning – with more daylight shining into your bedroom, any dirty spots will be very visible!

At Panararmer we can help you design your dream bedroom with fitted bedroom furniture. Our team of experts will make sure that your vision is brought to life so you can have your slice of paradise in the heart of your own home. Simply contact us on 015395 63523; our friendly team is always happy to answer any query you might have.

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