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Kitchen Organisation Ideas

There never feels like there’s enough space in the kitchen. With everything from pots and pans, bowls, cutlery, and not to mention endless cans and jars of food, there’s a lot to keep organised. For people with limited kitchen space, making sure you have a great organisational structure in your kitchen is crucial, so you have plenty of clear space for cooking.

But if you have a tiny kitchen, don’t think you’re stuck with a cluttered countertop forever. There are plenty of clever storage tricks you can use regardless of your space. Here are some creative kitchen organisation ideas to get you started.

Hang Pan Lids

Pan lids can be annoying to store. They do not stack neatly and are an awkward shape, making them liable to topple over if you try to keep them piled together. Not to mention it can be annoying trying to find the right size lip for your pan if they’re all stuffed in the back of a cupboard on top of one another.

With a couple of hooks or a rack on the inside of a cabinet door, you can create the perfect place to store your pot lids. Store them flat against the door, so they are not obtrusively taking up space, but they can also be easily reached for quick access while cooking.

Turnable for Countertop Clutter

Turntables are a fantastic way to clear up all that clutter on your countertop. Most people leave certain items beside their hob, like oils, salt, pepper etc., but they can take up a surprising amount of space. With a turntable, you can keep all those important items where they need to be, but with the added bonus that you just spin it around to reach what you need.

You can also utilise them inside cupboards to organise your spices. Wherever you feel you need to get to something out of reach, a turntable could be the storage solution.

Baskets on Top of Cabinets

The top of the cabinets are full of underutilised storage space, but people may be reluctant to use them because of the risk of dust or making the space look too cluttered. Baskets can be a great solution. They stack together well side by side and can be filled with virtually anything. Keep all your spare condiments or cutlery up high and out of the way for when it’s needed.

Hanging Pot Rack

A hanging pot rack can be a stylish way to store your pots. Rather than stuffing them away into a cupboard taking up loads of room, install a hanging rack above your hob for quick and easy access to pots when you need them. Not only are they functional, but they look great and can be styled with accessories to suit your kitchen décor.

Clear Jars for Dry Ingredients

When done right, you can store your pantry staples like pasta and rice to make an eye-catching display. Stuffing your cupboards full of plastic bags of produce takes up a lot of space, but you can’t leave them out because they would look messy. By utilising labelled jars, you can create an attractive display and have all your needed products out ready to be used while you cook.

Over-Sink Dish Drying Rack

Drying dishes can take up a lot of room and make your countertop look cluttered. If you like to leave things to drip dry, consider getting an over-sink dish drying rack. Your dishes are elevated above the sink, letting the water residue drip away and leaving your drying board clear, helping your kitchen look less cluttered. You can also use it to hold your soaps and sponges, clearing up the sink even more.

Peg Board for Utensils

Pegboards are usually associated with offices, but have you thought about one for the kitchen? When painted a vibrant colour, they can make a great addition to any kitchen space, becoming a functional focal point. With some screw-in hooks, you can use the board to hang everything from pans to chopping boards, mugs and more. Utilise that empty wall space and clear up some much-needed cupboard room.

Pull-Out Drawer

The problem with drawers is that items at the back are difficult to get to and often end up being completely forgotten about because you can’t see them. With a pull-out drawer, you never have to worry again. Whenever you open your drawer, you will have easy access to everything, so you can use all the available space without having to ensure you keep all your seldom-used items at the back.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to get your kitchen well organised. If you are considering getting a new kitchen, Panararmer can help. We specialise in making the most out of small spaces, so whatever challenge your kitchen poses, we can work with it. Contact us today to find out more about our kitchens in Carnforth services.

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