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5 Creative Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas

Are you regularly frustrated by the lack of space in your kitchen? Picture the scene; you have two pans on the hob, several utensils scattered around and a dirty chopping board taking up most of the room on the counter. Before you know it, you’ve turned around too suddenly to grab something off the hob, and you’ve knocked that ceramic spoon rest on the floor, cracking it right down the middle.

A lack of sufficient storage space can create a very cluttered kitchen. This creates frustration and annoyance every meal time as you have to navigate around a tiny space while trying to put together a meal for you and your family. If you have a small kitchen, you may not think there is much that can be done. However, with a few simple storage tricks and tips, you can create a more spacious kitchen even in the smallest of rooms. Here are just five ways you can create more space in your kitchen:


Retractable Drawers

A sure-fire way to get the most out of your limited cupboard space is with some retractable drawers. Piling pots and pans, spices or cleaning supplies into the bottom of a cupboard is an inefficient way to use the space. If the things don’t have a flat top, you won’t be able to stack things on top of them, and even this isn’t an especially great storage solution, as it becomes difficult to reach the items on the bottom. Retractable drawers can be attached to the insides of a cupboard door or as stacked shelves to create more efficient space to store items that would otherwise become lost at the back of the cupboard. They can also be attached to runners, so they pull out when the doors are opened, for even easier access.

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Vertical Storage

One of the simplest solutions for storing the likes of plates and dishes is to store them vertically. Piling plates on top of each other creates issues when you try to get to the ones at the bottom, and they are much more vulnerable to chipping. Utilising vertical slats to create space for each individual plate inside a cupboard creates an efficient and more easily accessible way to get plates down, without the risk of toppling over a pile of them.

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A Pegboard

A great trick for creating easy access to all of your cooking utensils is to utilise a pegboard. These can be picked up relatively cheaply, and you can attach it to virtually any wall in your kitchen. With some simple metal hooks embedded into the holes, you can hang everything on your pegboard from pots and pans, sieves, scissors, spoons, chopping boards and colanders. This is a perfect solution for small kitchens that have a limited amount of cupboard space. Why take up entire cupboards with cooking implements when you can have them hanging right beside you whilst you’re cooking for easy access? A pegboard can really clear up some storage space, and they create a contemporary, unique look for your kitchen.

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Store Above Windows

No matter how big your kitchen, every inch of space matters and can be utilised. The windows in your kitchen can be used to create even more storage space. With a simple shelf above the windows in your kitchen can be used to house large bowls, the crockery you only use for special occasions, or even just some nice plants or artwork.

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Pull-Out Pantry

Herbs and spices can take up a lot of space in a kitchen if you have dozens of jars scattered on top of a counter or taking up all the room on the bottom of a cupboard. A simple solution to this is to install a pull-out shelf that can be used to house these non-perishable items. These shelves can be incredibly narrow and fit into small spaces such as in the gap beside the refrigerator. They are thin, unobtrusive and can store all of your jars and cans for when you need them.

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At Panararmer, we believe that even the smallest kitchen can be beautifully designed to create the most unique and efficient storage solutions. We specialise in providing design and installations for kitchens in Lancaster. If you would like to discuss your requirements with us, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team are always on hand to help you pick out that dream kitchen.

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