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A Guide to Kitchen Storage

You can plan your kitchen as efficiently as you need to. There are many tips and tricks to getting the most out of your space as possible – because no one wants a cluttered kitchen! Whether you are planning a full redesign, renovating a kitchen or just trying to organise the clutter, these tips should help you to get the best from the area you have.

What is the function of your kitchen?

You can take advantage of every nook and cranny in your kitchen. There might be a slither of space next to the fridge which would be ideal for wine bottles, or an empty room overhead which would be best fit to hang pots and pans. Whatever the space, you can utilise it however you feel best.



Everybody uses a kitchen differently. Close your eyes and imagine standing at the major point in your kitchen and what you would be doing there usually. Depending on what the main task is you carry out, you should consider what you need within arm’s length. This is great way to start on how to decide where your storage should begin. You might want your main dish drawer right next to the dishwasher for convenience, or your spice cupboard above your food preparation area.

Drawer or Cupboard?

Even though cupboards tend to cost less, they can be less convenient and comfortable to open in a lower position than above your head. Deep and wide drawers tend to hold more, as it allows you to use the entire depth, with general ease of access. This all depends on the amount of space you have available to work with, as for a smaller space, a cupboard can work much better. Don’t forget about the smaller and narrow sets of drawers; these are great for storing towels, tablecloths, cutlery etc.

open kitchen draw
Make the most of the space by the side of cupboards, and don’t be afraid to take the cupboard to the top of the ceiling, to utilise all the space. The top of the cupboard will just collect dust, and end up with ‘stuff’ stored there.

Clever storage solutions


There are plenty of smart storage solutions that have been developed over the years; things that you wouldn’t have even thought about before. Drawers that pull out this way, cupboards that lift up that way, and compartments that you wouldn’t even know were there!

Tandem larder storage could be a great idea if you want to maximise on all space, as they feature shelves on the inside of the cabinet and on the inside of the door. A pull-out larder is another option and is a very useful and convenient tool for storage as it’s an elongated cupboard that you can see either side from and is great for putting cereals and other foods in.

Other such ways to maximise your space would be an integrated bin, corner units, making use of baskets, pull out units and smaller factors such as dividers, cutlery trays and utensil dividers.

At Panararmer, we are experts in Kitchen fitting and would be delighted to help you with your kitchen storage solutions. If you have any questions or queries get in contact with us today and we are sure we can help you out.


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