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5 Large Bathroom Ideas & Inspiration

Is your bathroom tired and/or outdated? Are you looking for design tips to spruce it up? Our bathrooms in Cumbria are both functional and aesthetically beautiful, as we know a thing or two about interior design.

So, in this article, you can find large bathroom ideas that will inspire you to take your décor to the next level while allowing you to express your personality. These ideas are perfect as a starting point for transforming your bathroom, so feel free to glean as many of them as you want for your home!

Create a Cocoon

More and more people want to step away from the idea that the bathroom is a purely functional space. Cocooning is a great way to do it – the idea behind this trend is to make people want to wrap themselves in tranquillity, comfort and a feeling of opulence.

Creating a home spa or a retreat that allows you to unwind at the end of a busy day can be incredibly helpful for your wellbeing, especially because it's great to relax and de-stress.

There are many ways to create a cocoon in your home. For example, dark bathrooms with copper or gold accents can lead to the sumptuous luxury you can expect from a high-end spa. Fittings like wet rooms, massaging showers and steam rooms are another way to transform your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation.

White and gold work together wonderfully as well, as do neutral colours. You can even add candles and a bath tray for your tea and bath bombs.Bathroom

Choose Large Tiles

Supersized is in again. A 2020 bathroom is likely to have large format tiles that feel contemporary and spacious. This effect is enhanced with a minimalist décor, which keeps clutter away from your bathroom and makes it appear bigger.

Larger tiles come in many different materials, colours and patterns, so you won’t have to compromise on design. From marble to stone-effect, the options are endless.

Large Bathroom

Make a Connection with Nature

Creating a tranquil, soothing space is easier than you may think by using the colour green. For instance, painting one wall with a beautiful shade of green can create a link with nature. From eye-catching fittings to walls in deep, saturated hues, you can accomplish so much with this lovely colour.

Adding plants (you can go with potted ones or even plants hanging from the ceiling; it’s up to you) will help you to feel relaxed and at peace as well.

Quirky Bathroom

After all, biophilia, the love of life and nature, is boosted by things like plants, natural light and using natural materials like wood. So, besides adding plants to the space, make sure your windows allow for plenty of light to filter in (or install a skylight, perfect to relax in the tub at night as the stars flicker above).

Stone walls, accents or basins are also great options. From slate to onyx, you have plenty to choose from, and each material will create a unique look in the bathroom. Onyx, for example, can almost look luminous, so it can be used to create a restful space.

Take Advantage of Shelves

Another popular large bathroom idea is making use of shelves and clearing up floor space. This makes the bathroom look even bigger and, therefore, adds to the sense of luxury and comfort – the last thing you want to do is have a cramped bathroom, as it can make you feel uncomfortable, especially if you don’t have the necessary space to move around.

With shelves, you can keep everything organised as well. Roll you towels and leave them in plain sight, ready to use, for instance.

White Bathroom

You can also add beautiful scents to the bathroom through infusers, as well as keep a few candles burning while soaking in the bath without worrying about knocking them over by accident.

Storage is essential to bathrooms, so make sure you have enough space for products you don’t want to display in the shower, like shampoo bottles; if you want to create a luxurious room without clutter, toiletries such as bottles should be tucked away or put on shelves instead.

Rich, Vivid Patterns

The UK may be known for its gloomy weather, but you don’t have to travel to Havana or the Caribbean to be able to enjoy warm – or even tropical - décor. You can add vibrant patterns to your bathroom, from accent walls to vivid colour palettes and graphics. Be bold!

From leafy prints to exotic blooms and abstract patterns, the important thing here is colour. Don't be afraid to ditch the neutral hues or the white, clean aesthetic – if you’re feeling adventurous and want something different, this will certainly add fun, richness and lushness to your bathroom.

Jungle Inspired Bathroom

At Panararmer, we want to help you bring the bathroom you always envisioned in your mind to life. There are many large bathroom ideas to choose from, and our experienced designers can help you to make the right decision.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help, and you’ll soon be enjoying a modern, fully designed and luxurious space.

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