Top Tips to Renovate Your Bathroom

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Renovating your bathroom can be a very rewarding project, it will modernise your home and even add value to the property. More than half of homeowners choose to update their bathroom as one of the first projects after buying a home. If your bathroom looks dated, it’s a great excuse to install a new en-suite or add those finishing touches that will transform its overall appearance.

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Guide to Entertaining in Your Kitchen

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Have you noticed how party guests and family gatherings inevitably gravitate to the kitchen? Or possibly you have a kitchen big enough to host social events and fun times with friends.

Either way, having lovingly prepared the rest of your house to create the best backdrop possible, it can be daunting to end up with a plethora of people crammed into the same area you have been using to prepare the food for the event.

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Monochrome Magic: How To Nail This On-Trend Style In Your Bathroom

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Your bathroom is one of the areas in your house that you should most enjoy spending time in. There are few things more relaxing than running a hot bath, placing some scented candles around its perimeter, and sinking below the water with a good book in hand and a glass of wine beside you, and that’s why its surroundings should be conducive to pure pleasure.

Yet nothing will ruin the feeling of relaxation more quickly than looking up at a ceiling of peeling paint and old, outdated décor. If the latter is an experience you’re familiar with, it’s probably time to update your interior styling, and monochrome is one of the most popular and enduring bathroom trends around.

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How to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen Space

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Many modern homes do not set aside much space for the humble kitchen; this might be fine if you’re used to getting in the door and bunging a ready meal in the microwave every night, but keen cooks need a well-designed, organised space in which to work their magic. Luckily, building your kitchen from scratch is the perfect opportunity to maximise your use of space so that your cosy kitchen still has plenty of room for cooking up a storm.

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A Guide To Travertine

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When you are considering what kind of tiling to choose for your new bathroom, travertine might offer an unusual and attractive solution, which you may not have previously considered. But what is travertine and why does it make a good choice for bathroom floor and wall tiles? Here’s a helpful overview and guide.

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4 Popular Bathroom Trends

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When it comes to interior design, you want to ensure that the money you’re investing is going to bring years of satisfaction from updating the look and feel of your home. The bathroom is one of the rooms in your house you’ll use most often, and it needs to be both functional and somewhere you can take a long hot bath, relax and unwind. Continue reading