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Large Bedroom Ideas & Inspiration

Is your bedroom looking like less of a place of tranquil relaxation and more a messy heap that’s a complete afterthought? Have you got ample space but no idea what to do with it? Does your bedroom need a brand-new design overall to create that ideal space for you to rest your head? Well, here at Panarama, we know a few things about bedroom interior design.#

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Large Kitchen Ideas & Inspiration

If you’re looking for the most up-to-date designs and ideas for your kitchen, then you have come to the right place. We are experienced designers of kitchens in Cumbria, therefore we are well placed to offer you cutting-edge large kitchen ideas.

In this article, we talk about kitchens that engage with nature, kitchens that use natural materials, how to make an open plan that suits you, and the best colour trends.

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The Importance of Lighting in a Home Kitchen

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The kitchen is a place where meals are cooked for the family to enjoy, a place where friends congregate to enjoy late-night drinks, and a place where good lighting can make all the difference.

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5 Creative Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas

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Are you regularly frustrated by the lack of space in your kitchen? Picture the scene; you have two pans on the hob, several utensils scattered around and a dirty chopping board taking up most of the room on the counter. Before you know it, you’ve turned around too suddenly to grab something off the hob, and you’ve knocked that ceramic spoon rest on the floor, cracking it right down the middle.
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